Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles

After having read multiple articles on multiple intelligences and various learning styles that can be found in a classroom, I have compiled a list of instructional strategies that would support students in a typical high school environment, as well as digital tools that can help to implement these strategies.

  1. Making students accountable for their own learning by having them answer a problem on their own – digital tool: webquest – this allows the student to expand their online researching skills to solve a problem given to them. A webquest can be used for many subject areas.
  2. Having students be more creative with their forms of expressions – digital tool: blogging, google slides, prezis, etc. Giving students the choice of how they would like to present an assignment or course work will let students with various learning styles choose a platform that is best suited for them. The student is now responsible for submitting work in a way that they are most comfortable.
  3. Self-learning through online programs and apps – digital tool: An app that can be downloaded to the students’ phones or on a computer. Students have their phones with them all of the time or they are constantly on a computer. Designing your own app where you can monitor the content and the student learning may be a fun and creative way to engage students in a fun way, on their own time. Some app building websites can help you do this for a low price.
  4. Open book teaching – digital tool: having a platform such as Google Classroom where the teacher can post everything necessary for the course, with all of the resources available, will help some students who are more advanced get a head of the course a bit and the students who need more direction can follow along with the class schedule. This platform also gives the teacher the opportunity to provide the students with many practice exercises for many levels.

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