Differentiated Instruction Strategies

How would my use of DI differ in an online environment rather than in a face-to-face classroom?

Differentiated Instruction ensures that all students can access the activities in the classroom by differentiating content, process and product.

Content is what the students need to actually know. This can be differentiated by:

  • Allowing students access to videos as well as written text.
    • Implement: by videotaping yourself reading the content so that the student can listen to you while following along with the written text.
  • Providing students with various articles, textbooks, websites or other forms of information surrounding a concept in order to give the student the choice of reading what they prefer.
    • Implement: Have the students help you with this by having them seek out various resources of the same topic to share with the rest of the class.

Process is the activity the students take part in to better understand the content. This can be differentiated by:

  • Tiered assignments for different learning styles and levels of understanding.
    • Implement: Have various assignments ready and allow the students to choose an appropriate assignment (with guidance) for their learning style and level of understanding.

Product are the assignments expected from the students to show that they have reached the learning goals.

  • Allowing the students to present their work using any form of technology platform.
    • Implement: Have the students research various ways of presenting their work in order to be able to explain why they used a particular platform.

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